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Courageous Living Counseling Services

Primary therapy modalities employed are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Solutions-Focused, Psychoanalytic and Family Systems.

Your child is going through a lot emotionally when faced with questions of sexuality.  They need someone impartial to talk to for sound advice for dealing with the myriad of reactions they face.



When a relationship starts to deteriorate, there is a breakdown of communication and each partner eventually wants to know how to communicate with the other. The pain and frustration of this situation makes the problem worse and eventually one partner and possibly both shut down and withdraw into their own ways of dealing with this breakdown. Once this begins to happen most marriages never get off this path and they need professional assistance to repair the communication problem. Our marriage counseling and couples therapy practice will put you on the road to healthy recovery. Call today to schedule an appointment for couples counseling in our Gilbertsville locaction.





Major life changes like loss of a job, parents getting a divorce, new schools, etc. can cause an onslaught of emotional feelings that we can assist you in coping with.


Therapeutic Support for depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, bipolar and personal identity.


At Courageous Living Counseling our focus is on giving you the coping skills necessary to get through your current situations as well as harvest long term mental and emotional health.  We help you to understand what is at the heart of what you're feeling whether it be personally or in a relationship.


Many times we are dealing with an onslaught of feelings but can't quite put our fingers on the source.  We help you to identify the sources and break down the barriers to resolving them.

If at anytime you are having a personal crisis, need to talk and can't reach your therapist, contact the National Crisis Hotline published below immediately!

Our therapists are specifically trained for assisting patients in need of Crisis Intervention.  Call Today!

Courageous Living Counseling Services Techniques


Support for Youth Around Issues of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Crisis Intervention

Perhaps you, or someone you care about, are experiencing symptoms of anxiety (e.g., panic attacks, OCD, stress, worries) and/or symptoms of depression. Perhaps your difficulties lie in relationship problems with a spouse, partner, or family member. Or maybe chronic anger issues have caused negative consequences in your life. Many people suffer with these same issues and often struggle without knowing where to turn. We are here to help.


Courageous Living Counseling Services, LLC.  Insurance accepted: Blue Cross/Blue Shield as well as all Major Credit Cards.




Mental Health Counseling

Major Insurance Provider

24 Hour Crisis Line​​

Courageous Living Counseling Services therapists have specific training and expertise in the area mental health counseling.
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